Day 23: Minneapolis. The guys are feeling homesick. But Just Hold on, We’re Going Home. #drake #ManVan

Women Crush Wednesday: Talya Ecrag

Our Director of Operations is the beauty and brains behind Dealflicks’ daily grind. Our Talya Ercag puts the “crush” in Women Crush Wednesday.

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Talya lived in Turkey for most her life. At age 15, she moved to Vancouver, Canada to finish out high school. And then, she made her way down to sunny California to major in Business Administration with a minor in Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.


Relaxed, fit, and always bubbly, you can see her wizzing away at her computer, speaking to customers, training new interns all the while tucked under her cozy Alpha Phi blanket.

After graduating college with coincidentally the perfect degree for the company, Talya jumped straight into the business alongside the three co-founders team. Expecting to work a “9-5 job” after college, Talya was completely surprised when her first week at Dealflicks she worked until 8:30-9 pm. She admits, “At first the job was taxing, the co-founders expected a lot from the new hires. It was a lot of long hours and a lot of long days.” She was also the only girl out of seven guys who was working at Dealflicks. However, it all has seemed to pay off, as she is now not only seen as our fierce, tiny “Business woman” but also as the Deaflicks “Princess”. When the guys drive 6-12 hours in the ManVan to business conventions around the country, Princess Talya gets a quick plane ride to the occasion. And of course, she never sleeps on the floor!

However, Talya deserves all the perks of being our Princess. She essentially pioneered the way for all the new interns and community managers. She started all the procedures and methods for Dealflicks’ marketing, customer service, social media, and public relations. Now that she has a faithful, well-trained group of interns under her, she take care of almost everything else the sales and product team isn’t doing. Easy right? 

As Director of Operations, she puts all the great showtimes on the website, signs up theaters, overseas customer service, social media, and our outsource member in India. She also relays back to the CEO and product team the upgrades and changes to the website that can make her and the customers’ lives easier.


Talya manages all these important responsibility along with a healthy lifestyle. Skipping her lunch hour and eating at her desk, she makes it a point to get in her hour of cardio and weight training everyday. Her equation: eat every three hours + work out two hours after eating = fit, happy, productive Talya. She also tries to get the other guys motivated to not eat too many hamburgers, and go on a run!

When Talya started there was about 75 theaters and now there is about 300+ theaters live. Her goal is to be with Dealflicks at each stage. When Dealflicks becomes profitable, reaches all 50 states, and goes abroad, especially in Canada!

Talya’s favorite thing about her Dealficks family is their Drive. The guy’s ability to go on a six week ManVan trips to bring the business to theaters across the countries. Even new hires passion to get up and do a grueling transcontinental tour without much emotional attachment to the company. Ultimately, Dealflicks is made up of self-motivated, hardworking, and fun family members…and Talya is one of the pieces we couldn’t replace.


Talya with some of the Dealflicks guys Chris Im and Kevin Hong.



Dealflicks rocks it at CinemaCon 2014, adds 70+ theater locations

CinemaCon 2014 was a huge success for Deaflicks. We had a great time, added a ton of new partners, and paved the way for an amazing 2014! This was the first year Dealflicks had a booth at CinemaCon. Our booth was located downstairs next to all the amazing popcorn vendors. Our team had the equivalent of a dozen large popcorns by the time the trade show ended.


Ryan Fitzgerald and Kevin Hong had the brilliant idea to create a ‘DealWheel’ for the trade show. Our new theater partners could spin the wheel whenever they gave us a location, and we’d give out some prizes – anywhere from a hug to a $20 Starbucks gift card to a $100 statement credit.


Also, on the last day, we ran a sweepstakes for all our new partners where the winner could walk home with anything from $100 to a fully paid trip to the Bahamas for two. Russell Allen from Allen Theatres ended up winning $1000 cash, what a great way to end the trade show!


In the end, we added over 70 new theater locations, including some larger chains such as Allen Theaters, Starplex Cinemas, Far Away Entertainment, and Frank Theatres. We also received verbal commitments from two separate top 10 chains. Dealflicks now has 350+ signed locations across the US, check us out to get movie tickets and concessions for up to 60% off for your favorite movies at your favorite theaters!


Also, had to work in a foot massage for the team after what felt like walking a dozen miles a day…


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Trials and Tribulations of the Man Van


The ManVan has gone through it’s share of trials and tribulations during its 2 year association with Dealflicks. Now on it’s third ManVan odyssey, this 2006 Toyota Sienna has racked up over 135,000 miles, gone through over 40+ states, and is most likely in the twilight of its life. The early signs of its imminent demise were very evident as we departed Los Angeles to attend South by Southwest in Austin, TX. Whether it was the dashboard being constantly illuminated by emergency and service lights, or the steering wheel having a very evident fondness for pulling the Sienna to the right side of the road, it was clear that we were working with a machine that was past its prime.

Then it happened - the ManVan finally broke down in Madison, Alabama. The battery signal on the dashboard lit up as we were headed to our next destination. We didn’t think much of the warning signal on the dashboard - bad idea. The lights began flickering uncontrollably and the engine began to slowly die. “The battery is dead,” we thought. Luckily, we were near a gas station and only a half a mile from a Walmart with an auto shop. We asked a nearby patron pumping gas for a quick jump start. Luckily for us, he agreed to help us out. We made it about 500 feet before the lights began to flicker again and the engine died on us. We asked another person walking out of a McDonalds if he would be able to help us out. After we received two more jumpstarts, we were able to push the van into the Walmart parking lot. After consulting with a Walmart employee, we found out that it was most likely a problem with the alternator, which Walmart did not service. We had to wait until the morning and take the van across the street to an independently-owned auto shop. We were on a time-crunch and needed to get to Dallas, TX by the following night to stay on schedule but we decided to call it a night and book the nearest motel and deal with the situation in the morning. Once morning came, we realized a big problem: how the heck were we getting the van across the street? After a quick tow lift to the auto shop, we were able to get the ManVan in the shop for its repairs. Two hours and four hundred dollars, the ManVan was revived.

Through all of this automotive turmoil, the ManVan show did go on. After the Sienna was resuscitated, Chris and I continued our journey. Just as a grizzled veteran in the NBA, the embattled Sienna dug down deep and pulled out enough energy to push through its pain to reach its goal. From Alabama, we travelled 33 straight hours to Cinemacon without as much of a peep from under the hood. People are always quick to move on to the new and shiny gadget/car/toy, but there’s something to be said about sticking with old reliable. When you have shown that you can deliver proven results when it matters the most, that calls for respect to be given.

You, Kevin’s Toyota Sienna, are old reliable. And you have our respect. Thank you for getting us home safe.

Your humbled passengers,

Chris and Travis